How To Evolve Munna Top Guide 2021

How To Evolve Munna Top Guide 2021

Niantic’s popular cellular program Pokemon Move is definitely going full-out to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021, with a massive event that places the attention on a number of cute Pokemon such as Luvdisc, Plusle, Volbeat, Nidoran, and much more.

It’s been announced that Munna and its evolved type Musharna will probably be making their debuts in the match, meaning coaches can get 1 step closer to incorporating each the Gen 5’on that initially appeared at the Unova area for their Pokedex.

When is Munna coming to Pokemon Move?

Pokemon Go Valentines Day promotional background featuring Musharna.Niantic / The Pokemon Company

Trainers will be searching for Munna and Musharna on Valentine’s Day.

Munna’s long-awaited introduction in Pokemon Move will occur on Sunday, February 14, 2021, which of course is also the exact same day as Valentine’s Day, and also the exact same afternoon the Pokemon Move Valentine’s event kicks off in-game.

Luckily, Munna will be among the select few Pokemon seeming from the Wild more often throughout the Valentine’s Day event. It is going to also be emerging at one-star raids and at 5km Eggs, therefore there are lots of chances to grab them and stock up on Candy.

If you are seeking to get Munna’s final form Musharna, things become a bit more complex. Musharna will not be emerging from the Wild, and coaches will have to develop a Munna so as to add it to their own Pokedex.

The Way to evolve Munna to Musharna in Pokemon Move

Screenshot of Musharna at Pokemon Sword & Shield. Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The cute Unova’mon will create its Go introduction on Valentine’s Day.

From the mainline Pokemon games, the only real way coaches can evolve Munna to Musharna is by utilizing a Moon Stone, which is generally quite a rare thing that is difficult to find.

Things work a little differently in Pokemon Proceed, even though the idea is about the same. Rather than utilizing a Moon Stone, players Will Have to utilize an Unova Stone and 50 Candy to evolve Munna into Musharna.

If you are trying hard to locate an Unova Stone, you are probably not alone, since they are certainly difficult to encounter. We have got a useful Unova Stones manual which should help, or you may take a look at the procedure below.

The Way to get an Unova Stone at Pokemon Move

Pokemon Move Unova StoneNiantic / Pokemon

Unova Stones is difficult to come by at Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately for coaches seeking to evolve their Munna to a Musharna Unova Stones seem to be in short supply from the world of Pokemon Go. The process of acquiring one is very tough and long-winded.

At this time, the principal means to get one would be to finish seven days of Field Research jobs, the ones that you receive from turning Pokestops. As soon as you accumulate seven stamps, you’re going to be provided a reward which may be an Unova Stone.

It is worth pointing out that it is not guaranteed you will get an Unova Stone for this procedure, but it is the only option you have got at this time. Fantastic luck on your trip to obtaining an Unova Stone, trainers!

Pokemon Proceed fourth and final Spotlight Hour of April 2021 is devoted to Sinnoh’s Finneon. Will the Diamond & Pearl fish eventually get its Shiny introduction? This is all you will need to learn more about the limited-time event such as the 2x bonus gamers may snag.

Founded by Niantic in 2020, Go’s Spotlight Hour has turned into one of the name’s most popular recurring occasions. For the fourth party of this month, Trainers will find an opportunity to grab Gen IV’s Finneon and evolve it into Lumineon.

Despite being added into the match back in 2018, the treasured fish have to receive their own Shiny forms. We’ll break down the standing of the alternative version, in addition to which bonus lovers of Sinnoh personalities can accumulate by engaging in the yearly event.

Pokemon Move Finneon Spotlight Hour date & begin time

As many Go players have come to expect, every Tuesday of each month hosts a 60-minute party to honor one. Trainers exploring the map through the established time will fall upon the chosen men with increased spawn rates.

Fans of Gen IV fish have been in luck as Finneon is the celebrity of this April 20 Spotlight Hour. The limited-time event kicks off at 6 PM and runs until 7 PM local time.

Despite its introduction in 2014, the X & Y personality has increased in popularity through recent years. Those stocking up on Candy to evolve it into Lumineon will also obtain a bonus, which we’ll outline below.

Pokemon Move Finneon Spotlight Hour bonus

Since 2020, Niantic has united the Mystery Bonus hour together with the hour-long Tuesday occasion. The bonus could range from dual XP to additional items when moving creatures.

For your Spotlight Hour on April 20, users will probably snag 2x XP every time they capture a Finneon. Seeing as gamers will be grabbing a lot of this fish for Lumineon anyhow, this is the best chance to grind expertise to level up.

We advocate having a Lucky Egg thing that piles with the greater rate. Since December 2020, Pokemon Move’s degree cap has been raised from level 40 to 50. That means you won’t need to miss out on this opportunity to score some easy points.

Pokemon Move Finneon Shiny standing

You’d think that because the man was inserted in 2018, it might get its Shiny version to be nominated for April’s closing Spotlight Hour. Regrettably, that isn’t the situation, as merely its regular kind will spawn throughout the April 27 event.

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